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      The prices are good but the food is pretty bland. The service is ok, but I think they have one waiter for the whole restaurant. Their margaritas are good though! I'd be more excited for their food if they had a little more authentic meals, a little more flavor ya know? But you can't beat the prices.

    thumb Jennifer S.

      I met a group of friends for dinner here. It's hard to have really bad Mexican. We had great service even though we were a large group. It is a fairly easy place to find and there is tons of parking.

    The drinks are great and decently priced. They don't skimp on the alcohol even if you are not paying for top shelf. One margarita is basically plenty for most. The chips and salsa are good. The cheese dip is good. However it is kind on thin. Which makes dripping easy.

    The meal was quite good. Not super exciting but nothing bad. It came out exactly like it was described on the menu. Though it would have been nice to have more tortillas. I also had to wait a bit while they brought out the corn tortillas that I had asked for instead of the standard flour.

    I'm sure I will be back with friends.

    thumb Mary M.

      One of the best Mexican restaurants around the area. Very affordable and a nice clean atmosphere.

    thumb Danielle F.

      If I could make 100 Yelp accounts to lessen their rating, I would. This "restaurant" is an absolute trash bin that has the most disgustingly rude staff I have EVER encountered at a restaurant. Three other people and myself went into El Patio on a Sunday evening, roughly 8:30 PM. We were barely spoken to by the waiter but were given waters and chips and salsa. Those chips and salsa was the only decent thing about my experience. We decided to share a plate of nachos and a chicken quesadilla between the four of us. Immediately after we ordered, our waiter because visibly annoyed for some reason. We did not think too much of it at first. Later, he brought us THREE side plates for the FOUR of us, one of which was dirty and had grease stains and crumbs on it. We sent it back and asked for two more CLEAN plates. I also asked for a side of fresh jalapenos. The next time he came back he gave us another dirty plate and pickled jalapenos. We let the plate slide and decided not to use it but I questioned the jalapenos that were not fresh like I asked. He proceeded to say they only have pickled jalapenos (a Mexican restaurant without fresh jalapenos? Calling BS) and did not really care that we were unsatisfied. Usually they would say the only had that when you first asked. Whatever. Our food came out and was trash from the start. The quesadilla, which was all of 4 inches, was drenched in liquid that I am still confused by. The nachos, looking a little ugly as is, were also drenched in a mysterious liquid underneath the contents of the chips, making them soggy. As we tried the food and was unsatisfied, we complained. The waiter shook his head and said that is how they come. Really? Nachos come with half an inch of mysterious liquid? He claimed it was the "sauce", which was completely a lie because there was no sauce on the nachos, not even salsa. He was visibly angered the entire time, starting from when we ordered and ignored our table after until the end. We left giving a tip of $0, coming from someone who tips pretty generously. Overall, this place has ZERO sense of customer service and the server was the rudest waiter I have ever encountered. This food was DISGUSTING, the place was not clean, and the staff was absurd. The worst dining experience I have ever had. I hope NO ONE goes here.

    thumb Marquette D.

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